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Ambit – an Experienced Automation Expert

Founded in 1993, Ambit is an experienced expert and system provider in energy and process control. We develop and manufacture automation systems that increase the profitability and efficiency of machine or process control, while also taking into account environmental needs.

Custom Made System Provision

We want to provide custom made designs that are precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. Providing a complete delivery is undoubtedly our strong suite: we can also take care of the installation and commissioning together with our trusted partners. Additionally, we can provide our expertise on a specific product stage or process.

Ambit Knows How

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Automation and Software Design

The basis of our automation solutions is to take care of our customers. It is achieved by having a talented staff and cutting edge expertise on different systems, which is why our design process is known for its quality. Our expertise includes Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Exomatic ja Schneider Electric control systems.

Lifecycle Services

We manage our customers’ projects from preliminary planning to system support whether it includes preventive equipment maintenance or a more extensive control update.

Programming and Applications

We have extensive expertise on different control software and PLC solutions, which includes PLC, HMI and control room programming. We specialize in safety PLC applications, different fieldbus solutions applications and equipment remote control.

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